Latin videos at Wikipedia top 2 million views

Videos from Youtube struggle to get hits. Many creators are placing great work on Youtube, in the hope that their work will be noticed. These videos are struggling to get seen; yet the same content on Wikipedia is getting thousands to hundreds of thousands of video views. A few caveats: Wikipedia statisitics don’t tell usContinue reading “Latin videos at Wikipedia top 2 million views”

Is Wikimedia’s ban on new Wikis for Sanskrit and Classical Chinese discriminatory?

Nota bene: I am a big fan of Wikimedia and Wikipedia. I contribute regulary to many of their projects and wish them every success. This issue is easily resolved, but it appears only if some attention from Wikimedia’s Board is applied. Sanskrit and Classical Chinese both have Wikipedias; I cannot read them, and cannot vouchContinue reading “Is Wikimedia’s ban on new Wikis for Sanskrit and Classical Chinese discriminatory?”

Why was Erasmus wasting his time writing Latin?

Over the last few months, debate has raged on a Wikimedia “Request for Commenț” concerning the eligibility of Ancient Languages to create in-language projects. Wikimedia currently do not allow this, blocking any new projects for Latin, Sanskrit and Classical Chinese; and stopping Ancient Greek entirely, excepting Wikisource archives. The policy comes from the Language CommitteeContinue reading “Why was Erasmus wasting his time writing Latin?”

All we are saying is Give Greek a chance

For many years now, the Ancient Greek Wikipedia has languished as a Wikimedia project in the “incubator”, where it appears it is doomed to stay forever, according to current Wikimedia policy. Unlike the Latin Vicipaedia, or the Sanskrit Wikipedia, the project did not launch before the Wikimedia Language Committee imposed an absolute ban on whatContinue reading “All we are saying is Give Greek a chance”