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Open Latin resources

Many Open Latin resources already exist—they are the foundation of the modern revival of Latin. Here are some highlights.

Public domain

The Latin public domain is vast. Transcription projects make much of this easily available and resuable, from texts through to dictionaries. Scans of texts can be found at Google Books, and Europeana.

Many texts have been transcribed by volunteers, including:

Here are some open source tools for Latin



Open source tools

Community resources

The Internet has brought us many new Open licenced Latin resources. Most famous is Vicipaedia, but there are many others:

Many Youtube channels are licenced as CC-BY – which means you can download, remix and use their work, so long as you credit them. Famous examples include:

Please check each Youtube video for the CC licence before you reuse it. It can be found in the information panel.

Commercial resources

Open Content allows commercial follow-on development. Some prominent examples include:

There is of course a huge range of commercial book publishers also republishing public domain texts.

Our content

We are working on a handful of transcription projects, aimed at Latin learners. Let us know if you want to help, or want us to help with your project.

  • High quality, Latin redubbed animations and videos at our Youtube Channel and Wikimedia Commons
  • Wikiversity Latin for Beginners course: first, we asked CarpeLanam for her permission to republish her course from Duolingo’s forums. Then we added vowel length markers as macrons and some simple audio from Wiktionary. Now we are providing new excercises from the content on different platforms.
  • Jánua Linguárum Reseráta; we transcribed, added accent markers for long vowels and updated the translation. We also asked permission from another transcriber, Tym Marsh, to publish his edition with notes.
  • We also asked permission to publish Tym’s Corderii Colloquia, transcription
  • We transcribed the very excellent and until now lost Ólim plays by Effie Ryle.
  • We transcribed Cothvrnvlvs, plays for learners by Edward Vernon Arnold.
  • We transcribed Easy Latin Stories by George Bennet.
  • We have taken the plain text copies of Erasmus’s Colloquia, to present them as a downloadable ebook. This is complete, but not fully proofread.
  • We have published Ad Alpēs as a downloadable ebook on Wikisource.
  • We have produced a demonstration Latin-only World Map using MapTiler’s combination of Wikidata Latin names and Open Street Map

There is plenty more to do. What would you like to help with? What would you like us to do?

Content suggested by friends

These are transcriptions and works particularly for learners that friends of the project have suggested to us

  • Here are some “Direct Method” books for teachers and learners.
    • Primus Annus, by Walter Lionel Paine, and Cyril Lyttleton Mainwaring at Gutenberg.
    • Fabulae, virginibus puerisque aut narrandae aut recitandae by Reginald Bainbridge Appleton, at Gutenberg
    • Puer Romanus, by Reginald Bainbridge Appleton and William Henry Samuel Jones, at Gutenberg

There is plenty more to do. What would you like to help with? What would you like us to do?

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