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We produce and promote Open Latin resources

We want:

  • To promote the use and benefits of Open Licensing.
  • To build educational resources that can be reused, today.
  • To use Open resources that can be used for many languages, as well as Latin.
  • To encourage modern authors to release Latin works to the public domain, either in or after their lifetimes.
  • To encourage current transcribers of public domain works
    • to use Open Licences for their modifications, where copyright applies;
    • to publish transcriptions on platforms such as Wikisource and Wikibooks so others can use them
  • To ensure that Latin benefits from open infrastructure, such as text to speech tools.
  • To help commercial tools using Open Content make better provision for Latin.

If you think this is a good idea, and want to help, please donate via Patreon. We are at the start of this project. The first thing we need is likeminded people.

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